Sizzling Hot Deluxe
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Sizzling Hot Deluxe 4.14 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.
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Sizzling Hot has made the transition from leading land based video slot game to a leading online slot game thanks to Novamatic Gaming. Novamatic are known as one of the best companies in the online gaming industry for a number of reasons. They are vastly experienced in spotting trends and popularity in the offline space, such as occurred with Sizzling Hot, and back up that expertise by presenting accurate, reliable gaming experiences that truly bring the casino experience into the home through excellent software and tutorials. They are a market leader in the space, and whenever an online casino player sees their name on a game, they know that they are in for a treat.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

The online version of Sizzling Hot was licenced and copied directly from the machine that is found in hundreds of casinos around the world thanks to Novomatic’s exclusive licence. The slot was originally designed across five reels and used fruit as the primary symbol, and the same is true of the online game. The principal of matching three or more fruit symbols across any win line will be familiar to most players both online and on land, and the principle remains the same here.

The fruit symbols are joined in Sizzling Hot by both the star and the seven symbols. The star is a player’s gateway to an immediate bonus cash prize. By spinning in three stars in any formation across the entire board, regardless of the win line pattern, players win an extra prize. This adds an extra dimension to the game that means players are not solely focussed on win lines and the fruits that appear.

The seven symbol also leads to a cash prize, but in a completely different way to both the stars and the fruits. It is the symbol that affects the game’s progressive jackpot. Every spin causes this jackpot to increase. Starting at 10,000 coins, the player’s activity, together with everyone else playing the same game, sees this number constantly going up. The jackpot is won when a player matches five sevens across their win lines.

The use of coins to represent stakes and prizes in Sizzling Hot means that the jackpot size varies in terms of actual currency amounts depending on the level that the player is playing at. For example, if a coin is the equivalent of ten cents on the winning spin, then the jackpot is paid out at the same rate of 10 cents for every coin. This gives added confidence to the player, as some online slots feel like the chance of winning the jackpot is dictated by the amount being paid for every spin and therefore credited to the prize pot. In sizzling hot, however, everyone’s chance to win is the same, and the value of the prize is simply adjusted based on their contribution.

The use of coins to represent the currency also simplifies the help system in the game. Novomatic Gaming is well known for their comprehensive tutorials and help files within the game itself, and this is true of Sizzling Hot. Their instructional guides always include a pay table, displaying how much is won for matching two oranges or three lemons and so on. This pay table is, like the progressive jackpot, displayed in coins, so it is easy for a player to work out what a potential win line is worth based on their own level.


When a player wins by spinning in scattered stars or matching fruits, they are then given the opportunity to gamble what they have accrued at evens, basically meaning that they can double their prize money from a spin. The gamble feature is particularly popular in Novomatic’s games, with many of their latest slots incorporating a special button into the gaming layout that activates when a win is achieved. By clicking this button, players can either double their money or lose it all, and continue to do so as many times as they wish until they either collect the gambled winnings or lose the prize from that particular spin. The option is not based on any external factors; whenever a winning spin occurs, players can choose to gamble the prize or collect it immediately.

The gamble, star and progressive jackpot functions of the game are there in place of, rather than in addition to a separate bonus game. Novamatic took the decision not to complicate the game and to faithfully recreate the land based version with just these special features. This serves to make the game simple for beginners to pick up and potentially lucrative for experienced players while keeping all features and functions relevant.

The supplementary features of the game are fairly common in online gaming. Players with larger bankrolls will be pleased to hear that the BetMax function is present, where no manual intervention other than clicking the button is required to set the game to the maximum coin value and highest number of win lines. This feature can be used alone or in conjunction with the auto play function. By using this, the player specifies the number of spins they wish to be made on their behalf and the values of both coins and win lines. The software then takes the work out of the game, performing the spins and automatically crediting prizes. All players lose is the ability to gamble their wins, but this is ideal for a player that prefers to let the game and its prizes to take their natural course.

Rarely does an online gaming experience so accurately recreate the thrill of a land based casino. However, Sizzling Hot achieves this and more, allowing players to either experience the familiarity or try something new in the knowledge that the game they are playing is loved by thousands of players around the world. Everything from the original game is present and correct, while the convenience afforded by playing online makes Sizzling Hot an ideal choice for any online casino player.

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